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Samantha Ashanti Bridges is the titular main deutagonist in the Stringy and Mopy webcomic series.

Background Edit

Samantha was born on November 8, 2017 in the South American country of Guyana after the death of her mother Jane Bridges. She moved to the United States two years after she was born due to her father wanting her to have a better life than he ever did; however, being born a werewolf, her powers come very much earlier than those who were recently bitten.

At the age of 14, her powers enhanced to the point of her being able to fly after her discovering a powerful badge called the Badge of Zeta, a badge that allows her transform into a "divine werewolf" called Zeta which allows her to keep her consciousness while already enhancing her superpowers but for a limited amount of time.

After meeting Mopy at a high school in Ghorgemire, Georgia, she saves him from a gang of bullies, befriends him and agreed to help him search for his kidnapped mother because "a hero never abandons the people in need".

Appearance Edit

Samantha is a petite teenage girl with brown skin, long black hair wearing a black and white t-shirt with a stretched-in rectangle on the center, a grey cape, blue jeans and black and white sneakers.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a werewolf and Zeta User, she inhibits enhanced/peak-human strength, a regenerative human factor, enhanced/peak-human speed, enhanced/peak-human combat, enhanced/peak-human agility, flight, and can transform into a werewolf called Zeta. With the badge, it enhances her already established superpowers and gifts her energy manipulation powers.

She is highly skilled in martial arts and has great prowess in utilizing firearms. One of her most prominent is two dual Berettas she always stores alongside her right behind her badge.

Badge of Zeta Edit

The Badge of Zeta is a powerful badge crafted by the Egyptian Gods to bring goodwill and prosperity to all of mankind thousands of years ago. This badge allows her to strengthen her already established superpowers as well as adding in flight, energy manipulation, and astral-projection.

Page 3 from Issue 2 from Stringy and Mopy: The Adventure Begins

With the badge, it gives the user the powers of a Zeta Werewolf. However, there is an additional feature that allows the user to change uniforms if they so wish using the Clothes Beam they scanned from the clothes they have scanned in.

Personality Edit

Samantha is highly headstrong, adventurous and snarky all the same. She can be very demented, and a bit of a "smartass" to all of her adversaries but possesses a loving heart towards the ones she cares about often protecting them. However she can be a little annoying and clingy often driving people mad to some degree.

She's also brash as illustrated on Issue #2, page 7 when she is in Rio De Janiero, flying off with tremendous speeds but turns around and (not only breaks the arm of the statue) but sets it on fire.

Quotes Edit

At this rate, I'll be missing the fun once she escapes! Danm! Nice one Strings. Nice one!

—Stringy in Rio De Janiero scene